Artist Spotlight - Sofia Gillani Singer-Songwriter

In our new series Artist Spotlight, we speak with Musicians, Filmmakers, and Artists about their art.

This month we speak with singer-songwriter Sofia Gillani; about her music, inspirations, and style.

Q: How long have you been writing music?

S: Well, I've been constantly writing all my life. I'm always writing. I'd say I have a passion for songwriting. I started songwriting at a young age. Actually, around 10. Yeah, and I'm still going now.

Q: What was it about songwriting that captured your imagination at 10?

S: Well, I feel like I've always needed a way to express myself and music was definitely one of those ways. I've always, always, always been a fan of literature. Additionally with that songwriting kind of was the balance between the two. And there's always something in my life that I feel like I could put out onto a piece of paper and then record in a studio. So songwriting was definitely one of the things that you know caught my eye.

Q: You said at 10, you know you were a big fan of literature. So, what are some of your favorite stories?

S: Well, I'm a huge huge bookworm. I'm a really big fan of Shakespeare Charles Dickens and JB Priestley. Old classics, I'd say. But a lot of fantasy as well. But yeah, I'm on a series right now, just constantly reading, always getting new ideas.

Q: How would you describe your music and style. Your three singles are very different.