Black History is NOW! Celebrating Black Creators

Black History is made every day. This month 4 Streams highlights black creatives and their content. Before we get into the subject of this month's blog, let's take a quick detour into history.

Black creatives have been making their mark on the industry since its inception. Oscar Micheaux is regarded as the first African-American feature filmmaker, he was a producer, director, and author. Throughout his career, he made 44 films. Oscar founded Micheaux Film & Book Company; its first project was the feature film The Homesteader, based on Micheauxa's book of the same name.

The work of filmmakers like, Oscar Micheaux, paved the way for today's, black writers, directors, producers, and filmmakers. This month, we're shining a spotlight on Gen Y and its creator.

Gen Y is produced by A Delinquent Production and currently streams on 4 Stream.

ADP is run by Chelsea Holmes, who is also the creator and creative visionary behind Gen Y. The series shoots in Baltimore, Maryland, and season 2 is currently in development.

Gen Y follows the lives of three black friends and their relationships with each other and their partners. Gen Y takes a look at sexuality, love, friendship, and life from the black millennial perspective.

During its time on 4 Streams, Gen Y has been a consistent favorite among all age groups.

Viewers comments:

"The subway scene is hilarious but real."

"Gen Y is the next Insecure."

"100% relate to Elisha & Q"

"Wish I had a poet to narrate my life.

You can watch Gen Y season one on 4 Streams,

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Chelsea Holmes will be one of the featured artists in 4 Streams Presents Artist Spotlight.

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