Interview with Star & Co-Creator of Netherlands - Creating Diverse & Inclusive Content Part II

This month we talk in-depth with the Star, Co-Creator, and Producer Jayla Grace, about acting, Netherlands, and diversity in film and tv.

As part of 4 Streams commitment to diversity and inclusion in the industry, they are actively partnering with Women, BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, and Persons with Disabilities to create the films and series. Netherlands is the first project under this initiative.

4 Streams brought on 14-year actress and creative Jayla Grace to help create a show for her age group, and Netherlands is the result. Netherlands follows Morowa (Jayla) as she discovers her magical powers after defeating a creature stalking her.

Due to COVID restrictions, we did a zoom interview with Jayla. Her golden curls peek out under her head wrap. We laugh and joke about the posters on her wall and shows we both enjoy. Soon we begin reminiscing about the first projects we did together, including The Closet, streaming on 4 Streams.

Q: How long have you been acting?

A: I’ve been acting for five years.

Q: What do you enjoy most about acting?

A: I like being able to go different places. I also enjoy seeing myself on camera and tv. I just enjoy people saying they like seeing me or thought I did well in the part I played.

Q: Why was creating a show with black creatives vital to you?

A: Creating a show with an all-black cast is important because there weren’t many shows with black people growing up. Or we didn’t get enough recognition for the roles we did play, so I feel like this show could inspire other black children to start acting or want to watch more of our show.

Q: What do you think would surprise people about Netherlands?

A: I think what would surprise people most is that the characters are not what they seem.

Q: Who is your character, Morowa?

A: My character feels like she is better off alone and can do what needs to get done on her own. She’s very determined to get things done, even if that means leaving others behind. She wouldn’t let any minor obstacles get in the way. Morowa is going through loneliness.

Q: What are your hopes for Netherlands?

A: I want people to want to watch more of it. Like it’s so good that they can’t wait for the next season. I hope this show gets noticed, and people think I did well enough to cast me for some of their shows/movies.

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