Is Rebooting with A Diverse Cast A Good Thing

Updated: Jun 1, 2021


Over the last decade, we have seen a slew of film and tv reboots with a more diverse and inclusive cast. These include the all-female Ghostbusters, the Latino version of One Day at a Time, and others. On the surface, these reboots seem to signal that things are changing. But are these reboots moving equality in the industry forward?

Despite the fact these reboots have proved successful they have not translated to more diverse and inclusive content. While the industry maintains a facade of progressiveness, it is still a good ole boys club. With those in power deciding which projects are worthy of getting made. It is true that you do see a handful of films and tv-series with a diverse/inclusive cast. But given the fact that this only accounts for a small percentage of projects created each year; one has to believe those in power only care about the appearance of diversity/inclusion.

So, is rebooting with a diverse cast a good thing? In my opinion, NO. Polishing up an old concept with a diverse/inclusive cast is little more than tokenism. If the industry wanted to address diversity and inclusivity it would create original stories by and for the communities they wish to pander to. Until there is an equal number of projects created and marketed with the same vigor, any film or series rebooted under the guise of diversity and inclusivity is just another brick in the facade that is the film and tv industry.