Netherlands - Creating Diverse & Inclusive Content

To see the change, you must be it; this is a key tenet of 4 Streams. For the past two months, 4 Streams has been in development/preproduction of Netherlands. Netherlands follows Morowa, who learns of her magical abilities when she seemingly defeats a creature stalking her. Netherlands is the first in a series of in-house projects. "To be a service for all people, we must create content that delivers content created by all types of people." 4 Streams is working closely with creators to create content written by and starring WOMEN, BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, and Disabled persons.

Netherlands, was co-created and will star 14-year old actor, Jayla Grace. It was important to her to see a fantasy series with an all-black female cast. She wanted to be a part of a show that showed all shades of blackness that she, herself would watch.

Jayla Grace - "Growing up there weren't many shows with black people or we didn’t get enough recognition for the roles we did play. So I feel like this show could inspire other black children"

4 Streams, has a slate of projects, including 3 series and two features (expected to be completed by mid-2022) that will feature WOMEN, BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, and Disabled persons as stars as well as in key creative positions in the writer's room and behind the camera.

4 Streams is actively giving creators a platform, not only to share their work but be creators of work.