A Women's Place In Film is...

Updated: Apr 7

While women's contributions to the film industry have been substantial since film's inception, they have often been overlooked and less recognized than their male counterparts.

The success of women like Regina King, Ava Duvernay, Lana & Lilly Wachowski, Amy Vincent, and other female directors and cinematographers has publicly proven that women have the goods in filmmaking.

So how does the success of these women parlay to women working in the industry? Interestingly enough, women's presence in the industry has increased. Whether it's due to the visibility of women like Ava Duvernay or more opportunities we may never know. What is apparent is that women’s voices and stories are making a mark. A recent study showed that films helmed by women bring in more money and have more favorable opinions. Knowing this, you would think that industry executives would seek out female screenwriters, directors, and more. If it was about the money, this would surely be the case. But inequalities in the film industry still persist. So what can be done to close the gap? Success for women in the industry depends on each woman creating their own work and bringing along other women. Working together has brought women this far and will continue to lift us to greater heights.

This Women's history month lets champion women in the industry and their work and prove a women's place in film is everywhere and anywhere she wants to be.

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